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Machine room-less passenger elevator

Innovative LEHY creation leads the way

  • Maintain Superiority and Nobility
  • Leading Technologies Ensuring Safety and Reliability
  • Machine-Room-Less System Saving Space and Making Layout More Flexible
  • “Green” and “Design” Concept

Slim design

  • Small control panel

    Apply large-scale Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and other high-performance chips to make the control panel small and slim

  • Superior PM Traction Machine

    Elevators use Shanghai Mitsubishi’s latest technology

  • Ultra-slim PM Door Operator System

    Use ultra-slim PM door operator with direct drive technology and speed-current double closed-loop VVVF technology


Innovative Machine-Room-Less Structure

The innovative load free-standing structure enables the elevator to achieve a machine-room-less structure, which greatly reduces civil engineering costs for the customer and increases the utilization of the building space. The control panel is arranged in the hoistway, thus reducing the impact of the elevator on the building appearance and making the design and layout of the building more flexible.

Usable space of car
Hoistway plane area Up to60.77%

  • Make the best of energy

    We are long committed to the R&D of high-efficiency elevators
    Systems and functions of smart power use have been manufactured

    Energy feedback technologyTraction and lighting technology
  • Power consumption and emission
    Reduced by about70%

Energy feedback technology

Elevator movement usually gains energy from power source (operation in electric mode); however, when it goes down under heavy load or goes up under light load (operation in power generation mode), the working state of traction machine is equivalent to power generator. In general, the energy generated by traction machine is dissipated in the form of heat energy. The energy feedback technology based on PWM control feeds the regenerative energy to the grid when the traction machine is in the power generation state, saving about 30% of energy compared with the elevator without energy feedback device, causing sinusoidal input current on the power supply side, and greatly reducing harmonic pollution to the power supply. Moreover, the DC side voltage is controlled, which contributes to improve the smoothness of elevator operation.

  • Electric mode operation
  • Power generation mode operation
  • PM gearless traction technology

    M gearless PM synchronous traction machine is made of permanent magnet materials, without additional excitation current, no copper loss, saving energy by about 30% compared with traditional worm gear traction machine,

  • Car Fan/Light shut off-automatic (CFO-A/CLO-A)

    After the elevator has stood by without direction for a certain period of time, the car ventilation device/lighting is turned off automatically to save energy.


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