Series K-II escalators

  • Lead the future with intelligent featuresIntelligent safety features
  • A wide range of optional featuresHigh-end business scenarios
  • Safe and reliableOver 20 standard safety features to fully ensure passenger safety
  • Comfortable and energy-savingIntelligent passenger sensors to prevent false startup caused by passing-by passengers and thus save energy

Lead the future with intelligent features


Safe and reliable

  • Skirt Deflector Safety DeviceStep Level DeviceMissing Step DeviceStep Motion Safety DeviceSkirt Guard Safety DeviceHandrail Speed Safety Device
  • Comb-Step Safety Switch Emergency Stop Button Drive Chain Safety Device Operational Brake Motion Detect Auxiliary Brake Motion Detect Main Shaft Overspeed Detect and
    Anti-Reversal Protection
  • Flood Level Alarm Step Chain Safety Device Step Level Device Handrail Guard Safety Device
  • Handrail Breakage Safety Device Door Open Switch

Escalator Absolute Position Sensor


Optional multi-color handrail belt


Handrail color


    BlackBlack (standard)


    RedRed (optional)


    BelgeBeige (optional)


    BlueBlue (optional)


    GrayGray (optional)


    CharcoalDark gray (optional)


    BrownBrown (optional)


    GreenGreen (optional)

A wide range of optional features

  • 950 / 1000mm

    Balustrade height

  • 2600 / 1500 / 1000mmupper

    2000 / 1000mmlower

    Radius of curvature of curved guide rail

  • 27.3° / 30° / 35°


  • 13m


  • 2 / 3 / 4

    Horizontal steps

Comfortable and energy-saving


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