Freight elevator lift weight lightly


Super impact resistance


LEHY-MRL-IIG application range



4 major technologies

  • Safe and reliable door motor systemSafer and more user-friendly

  • Specialized AC VVVF drive technologyImprove reliability of drive system

  • CANBUS data network control technologyThe elevator runs smoothly from start to finish

  • Full digital control and motor drive technologyGuarantee comfort and safety of elevators

Safe and reliable door motor system

Shanghai Mitsubishi’s freight elevator series is mounted with a connecting rod-free AC VVVF drive door motor system, applying synchronous door motor technology of passenger elevators in unloading elevators to easily drive car doors of various door opening sizes.

Specialized AC VVVF drive technology

VVVF vector conversion drive control technology for passenger elevators is combined with the software and hardware of high-power drive system, allowing freight elevators to achieve smooth and comfortable operation of passenger elevators.

CANBUS data network control technology

Fieldbus-based CANBUS data network control technology is applied, with high reliability, high transmission rate, strong real-time performance, massive transmission data volume, flexible data transmission and more characteristics.

Full digital control and motor drive technology

High-performance chips used for 32-bit CPU, 32-bit high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) and large-scale field programmable gate array (FPGA) with tens of thousands of circuits.

LEHY-MRL-IIG energy feedback technology


Through the built-in dual PWM control rectifier, regenerative energy arising from elevator operation is converted into clean electric energy

LEHY-MRL-IIG machine room-less layout


The machine room-less layout of freight elevator effectively saves installation space, improves space utilization rate, and enables freer architectural design and layout


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