Comprehensive Upgrrade Innovation with Breakthrough

Lead new frend of compact machine room elevator

Comprehensive Upgrrade Innovation with Breakthrough 
  • Founder of Comfort Elevator Technique

  • Advanced Intelligence

  • Economic Technology

  • Human Oriented

Intellectual leadership 

New upgrade of traction machine

The new generation of permanent magnet synchronous (PM) traction machine, with high-precision positioning + centralized winding motor technology, is more efficient and stable. The large-size brake disc + silent holding brake control greatly reduces the noise and is more safe and durable!

Intellectual leadership 
  • High-performance and Intelligent CPU Control SystemApply new generation of high-performance CPU technology and PCB system architecture and realize elevator's main control system with multi-chip architecture of motor drive. elevator control management. elevator communication and FPGA logic control. Cooperation work of mulliple CPUs has greatly improved the elevator system performance. The redundancy protection with multiple CPUs and the FPGA hardware moniloring have improved system stability and security.

    High-performance and Intelligent CPU Control System

  • Intelligent Voice CallTouch-free,hands-free buttons Recognition of personalized floor infornation,e.g.dining hall High accuracy of recognition and strong anti-noise capacity(50 db of noise,recognition rate ≥ 90%)

    Intelligent Voice Call

Innovative Operation 

Destination forecasting system (optional)Greatly imnprove the utiization rate ol clevafors and reduce possenges' avoroge waiting tme through the efficient destinafion fore Atter a possenger has pressed the Hoor bufton he/she wish to go at the landing the desfinoticn forncasting system will inform the passenger to tokea ng syatem specifed clevator, and the possenger con then wait before me specified clovator. After the elevator has arived. the posenger does not need to press the button for the destination floor inside the car. ond the elevator wil automalicaly register and go to the destination floor.

Green technology 

Green and Energy-saving-Energy Feedback Technology

Higly enengy-saving energy feedback technology based on dual PwM control can feed the renewable green electric energy,which was consumed througn energy consumption resistors,back to the frid without pollution。This can save more than 30% energy compared to common VVVF elevators on overage,and so to meet relevant national power quality standards.

Efficient Group Control-Intelllgent Group Control System (Optional)

ITS-21. ITS-2100 group controlsystems use ahigh-performance CPU processor for for computing and achieving high-speed processing of complex algorithms.

High Adaptability-Really Small Machine Room Design

LEHY-Ill adopts really small machine room design with the machine room size equal to shaft. This saves machine room space,improves building utilization rate. allows more free building design. and compared to traditional machine room。

Human centered 

Mute brake control technologyCompared with the traditional voltage open-loop control, the silent holding brake control technology adopts a more accurate current closed-loop control mode to accurately control the input current of each stage of the brake, greatly reduce the noise when the brake acts and improve the comfort of taking the elevator.

Human centered


Water ion air conditioner and water ion fan

CleanerMounted with nanoeTM generator imported from Japanese Panasonic. NanoeTM can inhibit the attached bacteria and viruses, equipped with a high-sensitivity VOC sensor. When smoke or odor is detected, the fan switches to the maximum wind speed for fast air change, and the floating odor is diluted.

More humaneThe wind speed of fan can be adjusted according to the load. The smaller number of people, the lower wind speed and the quieter. You can use the mobile APP to facilitate adjustment.


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