Shanghai New World Department Store, Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World
Shanghai New World Department Store is located in the junction of Nanjing Road, called “the First Chinese Business Street”, and Tibet Road. As a glitzy and glamorous commercial pearl in the prime locations, it has a floor area of 5500m2, including 2 underground floors and 12 above-ground floors, which is reputed as “the aircraft carrier in business sea”. The store has the only two spiral escalators in China Mainland. The five-star Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World next to the Store is 45 stories high. The revolving restaurant and sky bar on the top floor are good choice for dining, relaxing and enjoying panoramic views of Shanghai. Featuring comfortable shopping environment and cultural landscape, it will leave an deep impression on the people with the “Ten Miles Nanjing Road, One New World”. All elevators and escalators (136 in total) of the Store and the Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World are from Mitsubishi, and Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd has been entrusted to be responsible for installation and long-term maintenance.