New CCTV Headquarters
The New CCTV Headquarters is one of most important buildings in Beijing. Located in the east of the east 3rd ring road, it covers an area of 187000 m2, with a gross floor area of 550000 m2 and a height of approximately 230m. It was designed by Dutch OMA design team. Its unique design will not only establish a symbolic design of CCTV, but also create a new era of Chinese building industry. The New CCTV Headquarters project is divided into A and B bid sections. The A bid section refers to the main building (i.e. CCTV), and B the TV Art Centre (i.e. TVCC). All elevators and escalators (113 in total) of this project are from Mitsubishi, and Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd has been entrusted to be responsible for installation and long-term maintenance.