Faster, safer, higher and more relieved

On May 16th, the World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2012 was inaugurated in the Guangzhou Canton Fair. 107 enterprises of complete machines including Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba and all of the major enterprises of spare parts participated in the expo. There were 703 booths in total, so the expo could be called a grand meeting for exhibition, exchange and competition in the Chinese elevator industry.

In the elevator expo, the united booth with an area of 384 square meters composed of MESE and Ryoden led by Japanese Mitsubishi and Shanghai Mitsubishi occupied the central position of the pavilion, and was the highlight of the expo. Chairman Fan, President Wan, Muneyuki, the vice president of Mitsubishi Electric, Abe, the deputy director, and other numerous Chinese and foreign senior leaders participated in the expo in person.

Our company and Japanese Mitsubishi exhibited and publicized a series of innovative technologies including “18m/s super speed traction machine, control panels, active roller guide shoes, double-phase large-scale safety tongs and multi-sectional telescopic buffers” around the theme of “advanced technology of the elevator in Shanghai Tower at 18m/s, being the fastest in the world”. In the booth, the model of Shanghai Tower of 4 meters' high, the attractive light box writing “18m/s” and the circulating videos played in the super-large LED screen attracted many visitors, who stopped to take photos for commemoration. Meanwhile, in the booth, the SETS technology exclusively owned by Mitsubishi not only brought revolutionary convenience to the design of new elevators and the transformation of old elevators, but also attracted numerous visitors.

In the booth of Mitsubishi, a series of technical safety measures including “Mitsubishi brake safety engineering principle with multiple protections” were exhibited around another theme of “safety and assurance”, reflecting Mitsubishi's high social responsibility of “giving priority to people and safety”.

In order to introduce the fastest elevator technology and the new technology of installation and maintenance of Mitsubishi in detail, “Mitsubishi Elevator Technical Symposium” was held on the day of the opening ceremony. The assembly room, which can hold 200 people for the symposium, was fully occupied.

Zhang Gang, the consultant of the State Council, the chairman of the China Promotion Association for Special Equipment Safety and Energy-saving and the former chief engineer of the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), Li Shoulin, the president of Chinese Elevator Association, Song Jihong, the director of the Special Equipment Bureau of AQSIQ, and other leaders participated in the opening ceremony and visited Mitsubishi's booth. Chairman Fan introduced the exhibition contents to the leaders in details. Chairman Zhang Gang listened to his introduction with great interest and put forward different questions. President Wan, Ruan Weimin, Hu Ping and other leaders accompanied him while visiting the booth.

The exhibition came to an end successfully on May 19th. Through this exhibition, we let customers and industrial leaders recognize the powerful strength and sound image of Mitsubishi Elevator, which will propel our company to establish a system of 70,000 elevators and achieve sustainable development.

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