Offer further guarantee for passengers
Shanghai Mitsubishi carries out propaganda about elevator safety
Pudong International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world, with annual passenger throughput of over 40 million. The 289 elevators and escalators installed by Shanghai Mitsubishi in the terminal building assume the major task of carrying passengers. In order to implement the relevant requirements of the State Councils’ Regulations on Safety Supervision for Special Equipment and enhance the education on civilized utilization and safety of elevator for passengers, the Shanghai branch of Shanghai Mitsubishi, Shanghai International Airport Co., Ltd., Shanghai Special Equipment Monitoring and Inspection Technology Institute and Shanghai Pudong Quality and Technical Supervision held a joint activity of “propaganda about elevator safety” in recent days.
The propaganda was arranged near an escalator in the terminal building. The staff demonstrated how to take elevators and escalators safely by using pictures, issuing brochures, playing multimedia animation, making oral consultation and taking elevators on site. They explained the meaning of various warning labels and told passengers how to deal with different emergencies. After listening to their explanation, passengers responded actively, participated vigorously and put forward various questions about elevator safety. The staff provided explanation in detail and demonstrated on site, which had an obvious effect. The site turned out to be lively and gained praise from passengers, users and governmental departments. The internal media of the participating enterprises also provided reports.
After the activity ended, airport users regarded that the “propaganda about elevator safety” had great foresight, novel forms, careful plans, orderly process and good effect. They hoped that we can carry out similar activities in the future, enhance cooperation and offer further guarantees for passengers.
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