Shanghai Mitsubishi offers elevator security service in Shanghai Tenth Congress of Party Representatives
In May, the Shanghai Tenth Congress of Party Representatives was held in the Expo Center. The Expo site, once overcrowded, was again filled with a joyful atmosphere. In the congress, which lasted 6 days, new municipal leaders were elected, setting a new direction for Shanghai to innovate and develop. In order to guarantee the success of this Congress of Party Representatives, the service team of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, under the arrangement of leaders from the engineering headquarters and Shanghai branch, established a special guarantee team of the congress consisting of a maintenance center, as well as the Lujiazui center and Pudong maintenance service center. Relying on the successful service guarantee experience of the World Expo, the service team formulated a series of guarantee plans, including examination before the congress, inspection tour during the congress and maintenance after the congress. It also carried out comprehensive examination before the congress and the monitoring operation during the process on the 68 elevators in the Expo Center. It won praise from the organization department of the congress several times. Comrade Qi Yong, the major executor of the guarantee team, had a serious and responsible attitude, sought perfection, overcame difficulties and did not rest. He organized the maintenance staff to carry out overall examination one week before the congress was held to guarantee failure-free operation of the elevators during the congress. Moreover, he monitored the inspection constantly during the congress to ensure that the elevators operated safely and without failure. Shanghai Mitsubishi insisted on inspection ahead of time and only left after the night maintenance had taken place, while offering a service guarantee for the congress; this fully reflected the social responsibility and selfless dedication of the enterprise. Thus it was greeted by comrade Yang Xiaodu, the Municipal Standing Committee.
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