Elevator Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by Fosun and SMEC
  On March 31, 2012, the signing ceremony of elevator strategic cooperation agreement was held in Shanghai by Shanghai Fosun High-tech (Group) Co., Ltd and SMEC. Mr. Fan Wei, co-president of Fosun Group, Mr. Xu Xiaoliang, assistant president and vice-president of Fosun Property Holding, Mr. Bo Wei, Senior vice-president of Forte Group, and Mr. Wan Zhongpei, president of SMEC, and other leaders attended the ceremony. After a passionate speech and expressing expectation of cooperation, Mr. Fan Wei and Mr. Wan Zhongpei signed a two-year framework agreement on elevator strategic procurement.
  The signing ceremony was held in a friendly and cordial atmosphere. The leaders who attended the ceremony all believed that the strategic cooperation had positive significance for the development of both Fosun Group and SMEC.
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