Celebration for 25th Anniversary of SMEC Held Ceremoniously

  On Dec. 17th, 2011, SMEC held grand celebration meeting in Red Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo Center——“Celebration for 25th Anniversary of SMEC", all of the company employees attend this celebration meeting. The meeting hall was demonstrated jubilantly with enthusiastic atmosphere.

  Chairman Fan Binxun addressed a speech, he reviewed with deep feeling SMEC glory development history and astonishing business with pride in these 25 years, FAN gave his sincere thanks to all the employees who have been dedicated themselves with hard and diligently work to the different jobs. Meanwhile, he asked people of SMEC to insist on the strategic principle of  "Improving Five Abilities, Promoting Two Changes" in the later on development, to persistently stick to the enterprise spirit of "Frankly Uniting and Thriving ", make persistent efforts to transcend ourselves to contribute to the future glory achievement of the company.

  The history of 25 years, the hardships of 25 years, the joy of 25 years, the glory of 25 years and the motto "Transcending ourselves、Starting from zero" for 25 years makes SMEC of this day, the time of 25 years is a milestone and also a new outset. Motivated by the promise that make the client have the "Joy with ups and downs", we shall create a more splendid future.

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