SMEC was commended by SASAC for security work of World Expo

    Recently, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission(SASAC) of Shanghai Municipal Government held a rally for reviewing the work of World Expo and honoring model institutions and individuals in SASAC system that contributed to the World Expo Shanghai. Lv Yongjie, vice secretary of the party committee of SASAC of Shanghai Municipal Government, delivered a speech to summarize the jobs of SASAC system in all field. Shen Hongguang, a member of Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee of Communist Party of China(CPC) and also the minister of Shanghai Organization Department, attended the rally and addressed.

    At the rally, party branch of Shanghai branch of SMEC was honored as Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization of Expo Pioneer Activity in SASAC system. Zhang Wenhua won the title of Advanced Individual of Serve Expo, Dedicate to Expo in SASAC system.

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