Win The Bid For China Highest Building: Shanghai Center Tower
    "Shanghai Center Tower" located nearby Jinmao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center in Lujiazui in Pudong District is the highest building in the nationwide under the current construction plan. The fundamental construction has already been above the ground level. The height of "Shanghai Center Tower" main body building structure is 580m, the top point of the tower reaches 632m. Currently, the purchasing bid for elevator device used in this project is undergoing. On September 30th, our company officially won the bid of 54 mid-high speed elevators as Bid A. Among these 54 elevators in this bid, there are four double-deck elevators with top speed of 10m/s, which demonstrates the domestic highest technical level. This top speed also breaks the record , which is formerly obtained by the elevators of 9m/s of our company in the project of Shanghai Jinmao Tower and Shenzhen Jinji Financial Center.
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