SMEC Recently Signed The Strategy Corporation Contract With Qingjian Group Co., Ltd.
      Qingjian Group Co., Ltd.(formerly as “Qingdao Construction Group Corporation”)was the investment group integrated and established in March. 2008 in order to fully carry out the new city development plan in Qindao. As the leading company in the construction of Qindao, the group integrates several national exclusively-owned enterprises with the scope of investment, development, construction and management, and undertakes the investment and operation of these important projects like infrastructure construction, major projects, government solid work, old town reconstruction, real estate development, environmental industries, cultural education and advertising media. Since the first corporation at the construction project of Caravel Center for Olympic Games 2008, SMEC and Qingjian Group signed the strategy corporation contract based on the former well-performed collaboration. Thus SMEC can provide further service for Qindao and at the same time serve medium and high-level projects in Qindao.
       July. 10th, 2009, leader of our company attended the contract-signing ritual. President Wan Zhongpei and the chief manager of Qingjian Group, Zhang Zhengan, signed on the contracting treaty so that the partnership relation of strategy corporation was established.
       Based on the fully supporting from both leaders and the joint efforts of both sides employees, the corporation between SMEC and Qingjian Group will be further enhanced. And in the spirit of giant partnerships and mutual benefits, we thrive to realize the common future that contributes to the city development and construction.
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