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The Palace Luxury Resort,Bangladesh

The Palace is an luxury resort and hotel at Habiganj nearby Sylhet. Eltech Engineering Co. Ltd successfully supplied, and installed 05 units HOPE-II and -1 unit HOPE-IIG elevator here.


13a, Druzhby Narodiv av., Kyiv

Sections - 5, Floors - 25, Apartments - 467

12 lifts LEHY-MRL-II

Commissioning - 4th quarter 2021


Club house (Biarritz),Ukraine

Elite class, home service, corresponds to the service of a 5-star hotel
Number of apartments 45
the announced commissioning is under construction - 4th quarter 2021
Elevators: LEHY-MRL-II, 4 pcs.

Manzara city,Uzbekistan

The residential complex MANZARA– is more than 74,765 square meters of built-up area, on which nine-storey residential buildings, commercial premises, playgrounds, areas for active and passive recreation are located. There are 11 unique residential buildings on the territory of the complex, the height of which reaches 9 floors with different numbers and types of apartments. In total, there are 756 apartments in the residential complex, with areas from 45 to 127 square meters. All apartments of the residential complex "MANZARA" will be implemented with ready-made high-quality repairs, which includes: finishing works, double-glazed windows, interior doors, flooring, heating, plumbing equipment and a gas stove. The finishing has already included work on noise and thermal insulation, cable TV, fiber-optic Internet and a telephone line have been carried out.

Olmazor City,Uzbekistan

Olmazor Business City is more than 23.5 hectares of area, on which there are multi-storey residential buildings, commercial premises, preschool and school institutions, playgrounds, outdoor recreation areas and common areas.
There are 28 unique residential buildings on the territory of the complex, the height of which varies from 9 to 30 floors. In total, there are 2,124 apartments in the residential complex, with areas ranging from 39 to 125 square meters.
At the moment, Olmazor Business City is the largest project for the construction of a residential quarter in the country, as well as the most thoughtful in terms of location, architecture and merging of modernized buildings with nature.

Shaxar Hokimiyat,Uzbekistan

The situation center at the Mayor's office of the city of Tashkent. Organized in 2021. The main task of the center is to promptly solve emergency situations, collect information, regulate the course of activities related to solving problems


FX Sudirman,Indonesia

fX Sudirman is a new concept of a shopping center, it is a lifestyle center, providing an interesting mix of business center and entertainment center.

Grand Kamala Lagoon,Indonesia

Grand Kamala Lagoon is one of the biggest and highest apartment project in Indonesia consisting multiple apartment towers with 40 and more floors and a total construction area of 280.000 square meters with direct access to LRT, highway, shopping mall, and express train. Grand Kamala Lagoon apartment complex will be completed in an estimated time of 15 years with the concept of Floating City.

Not only apartment complex, in the near future they will also build office tower and the first ever convention hall in Bekasi with capacity up to 3000 persons. With all of the facility provided in this apartment complex, the residents can fulfill all of their daily needs here.

Combining with the element of water in the form of lagoon that gives the effect of cooling and peace also the synergy with the green environment and green development makes living in this apartment complex feels like living with nature itself.

The word Kamala can also mean lotus flower in Italian language, and that flower becomes the icon for this apartment complex and inspiration for the building shape in the form of lotus. The tagline for this Superblock Apartment complex is “We Bring Everything Closer”.

Irbid city center,Jordan

Irbid city center
The 87,000 square meters features over 250 intemational & local brands, including department stares fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics, home fumishing stores and the largest hypermarket in the country Planning to welcome 10 million visitors per year, customer and retailer needs are covered in every detail in the development and design stages, and will be providing significant needs of students, residents and visitors of Irbid
Irbid city canter contains 10 alovators 3 of the m type HOPE IIG the other 6 type LEHY I and 1 LEHY-MRL , also contains 25 escalators type JS-LBF and 6 travelators type CS-LBF.




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