Company Profile
General Information
Founded and invested by four partners in 1987, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co.,Ltd(SMEC) has maintained its leading position in market share for 16 years in a row during the past 22 years by introducing and utilizing the world-leading technology as well as adhering to self development and pursuing for excellence. As a joint venture with highest annual output in the world, SMEC has created more and more miracle and glorious track, and represents a moving pioneering histrory featured by development, innovating, providing the real enjoyment of traveling up and down, and creating harmonious space of life.
Enterprise Philosophy
Business Strategy is initiated from one company's pursuit for excellence. Through these years, we have developed our enterprise philosophy from satisfying Customer's Demand is the Pursuit of SMEC to the new pilosophy of Creating More Harmonious Space of Life to meet the changing market environment as well as to guarantee our sustainable growth. Accompanied by the business strategy shifting to international operation, we will continuously enrich our enterprise philosophy to keep pace with the times.
Sales Achievements
Under the correct leadership and decision of the Board, we seize the market opportunity and set strategic goal for rapid development. Through years of hard working, the company's production scale is keeping growing, and its market share has been in the leading position for years. We are the first elevator company to enter into the list of 500 biggest companies in China, and have the highest annual output and sells volume for a single facotry in the world.
Technology Research and Development
We have continuously involved in the dynamic introduction of cutting-edge elevator technology, guiding China's elevator industry to undergo a leap-forward development . Playing equal attention to intrdouction and self development , establishing technology innovation mechanism featured by manufacturing one generation products while researching and developing next genetation with foresight consciousness , we keep ourselves in the leading position of both technology development and market competition.
Customer Service
Service innovation is an effective way to make a manufacturing company more competitive. Regarding customer as center,we strive to shape out own service image and increase the value of our products by offering standard,professional and carefully considered service to make the customers feel safe, reliable and satisfied. Recently, we have signed Technology License Agreement with Japan Mitsubishi Electric for the dynamic introduction of edge-cutting installation and maintenance technology to make a solid basis for the industrialization of service work in future.
Excellent Management
We introduce world leading operation mode and management method to make our management keep in pace with international practice. We regard quality management as core task and take information technology as platform ,which leads to the enterprise's over-all optimization. Up to now, we have established integrated , synchronized,high-efficient information networks,covering 44 branches throughout the country,supporting the operation of the whole company round-the-clock.
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